Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gippsland Anglican bishops response to same sex couples...

Gipsland Times had an interesting article about the Gippsland Bishop John McIntyre regarding members of the anglican Church who are gay::

"In my president’s address last year I indicated my commitment to be inclusive and welcoming of same-sex attracted people in our diocese, “confident that God is at work in and through all those who are open to the call of God in their lives and wanting to offer ministry in the life of our churches”.

"I reiterate that commitment to you now. It comes from a long personal journey of life experience; reflection on Scripture in the context of that experience, and reflection on that experience in the light of Scripture.

"It is a simple Biblical truth that has caused me to move to a new place in my understanding of the place of same-sex attracted people in the life of the church. That truth is revealed in the words of Jesus, who says in the Sermon on the Mount, “a bad tree cannot bear good fruit” and “by their fruit you will know them” (Matthew 7.18,20). I have come to know and acknowledge that the fruit of their works makes clear that God has been and is at work in and through gay and lesbian people, who for years have been a part of our church, in both lay and ordained ministries.

It interesting that he has used the words of "inclusive" and "welcoming" of same-sex couples in his diocese. I wonder if this is just the begining of the cracks that are starting to appear in main stream churches?

I also wonder if he would have been brave enough to to have used the words "my commitment to be incluse welcoming and blessing of same-sex attracted people"? It is one thing to be inclusive it is another to support a same sex orientation.


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