Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What if the Missional Church went Charismatic?

My old college friend Tim Hein wrote an interesting blog: "What if the Missional Church went Charismatic?" He starts the post with thoughts from Clark Pinnock, (One of my old favorite authors who started my affinity for open theism). Briefly Tim describes how the Holy Spirit within the church takes two modes sacramental and charismatic. Tim then goes on to describe this in practice within the Australian church historically. The renewal or the third wave movement in the 80's. I was involved in the vineyard Church, which was part of this movement. Then the 'missional' Church which I was also involved in refocused things on the Sacremental. It was good to read and have a language for somthing which I went through.


Tim asks the question: will the next large renewal within the Church be a merge of these two aspects of the Holy Spirit?

I though about this a lot yesterday. There is possibility, but like all renewels it will come from the mainstream of the Church. I don't think this would include the AOG, Vinyeard or any overtly Chrrismatic group/denomination. The gifts and how they are observed are so well ingrained. My own opinion is that the Charismatic movement has hit 'peak', similar to 'peak oil'; they wont pick up any greater percentage of converts with the Charismatic style and the rules of bagage that goes with it. Most people have already observed and felt similar experience to Charismatic Churches. The ecstasy and feeling of oneness which may happen in a close football match, or a rock concert. Other religions have the same outward expression as Charismatic, the Hindu kundalini for example. Australian now are more likely to weigh this up before making a commitment.


I think if the what Tim preposes did come about the movement would be from the Sacrmental side; those who are interested in the more active Charismatic, but hold most stongly to the sacremental. Maybe the renewal would come from the denomination which Tim is in, The Uniting Church. Which is more open to diffen't ideas, it has wide doors. (A wide variety of theology as well) Without neccesary kicking people or making people increadably uncomfortable, if they don't agree.

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