Monday, May 7, 2012

Politics, Federal and State


I haven't written about politics for a long time. Its rather depressing, for someone who sits on the center left. Federally Gillard wont last till Christmas. Damaged; beyond repair. Back stabbing Rudd, breaking promises through political necessary. Slippery Slipper and the stench of corrupt unions. Gone.

The alternative is worse. The only vision that I can see Abbott make is backwards to the Victorian era.The 2007 campaign it was full of vision; the NBN, a greener future, smarter education. It's that visioning, thinking big. There is no such thing federally anymore. Ahh those were the days.

The Victorian state scene is not much better. I sort of have a soft spot for Ted Bailliue. He seems to be like a startled rabbit caught in head lights and not knowing what to do. I sort of get the feeling that Ted wants to do the best by everyone but because of the side his on and colleagues around him can't do such a thing.

Thus anything green, or remotely associated with the left side of politics, it's been cut.

I have a feeling that Baillieu will only last a term, every cut he has made has affected everyone. Not good for a one seat majority.The cuts in the budget he has made will just increase the likely hood of a mini-depression in Victoria. A year from now we will know. If you have a job, hold on....


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