Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unsettling the ALP, Obama supports gay marriage::

Its fascinating that Obama has revealed his support for gay marriage. The ramifications for socially conservative America will be interesting to watch play out as the elections unfold.

Hot out of the blocks was Julia Gillard, from the left side of the ALP continuing her support for marriage as it stands.

It's interesting; I would have thought that this could have been a politically astute moment. Switch her position. It would take the heat off a number of things such as Slipper and Thompson. It would be a real differentiation between her and Abbott. As opposoed to an issue where the voters have to make up there own mind on who has the better health, ecconomic, social, etc etc policy. Gillard is loosing these battles as it is.

Gillard was to quick, this may have been an opportunity to increase Labors pathetic primary vote; alas I think she will miss the opportunity.

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