Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ken Smith vs Greg Hunt

I often read, and I'm amazed at the difference of opinion between Ken Smith State government representative currently in power and the speaker of the house and Greg Hunt Federal representative in opposition; in matters regarding Bass. Amazed because they are both in the liberal party!

The environment::

Ken Smith:: Climate change "agnostic"

Greg Smtih:: "Convinced" of the science.

Development Ventnor::

Ken Smith:: Happy for it to go ahead (ignoring locals)

Greg Hunt:: Actively lobbied against it.

24 Medical clinic::

Ken Smith:: From this weeks Phillip Island advertiser didn't think Phillip island needed it.

Greg Hunt:: From this weeks Phillip Island advertiser, actively meeting with locals and is fighting for a 24hr medical clinic.

It is confusing to say the least. All I can hope for is Ken Smith to retire; It would probably be best for the Liberal Party. Then maybe we can get a representative who "represents" people on Phillip Island.

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