Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dragon Keeper trilogy by Carole Wilkinson


I've just completed the Dragon Keeper Trilogy by Carole Wilkinson; Dragon Keeper, Garden of the Purple Dragon and Dragon Moon.

It is teenage fiction, I'm reading it because I'm catching up. Re-discovering its magic. I havn't read this age related fiction for 20 years.

What I like about this series is where it is set. China when it was ruled by emperors, and had soldiers guarding the great wall. Usually when dragons are involved they are a Tolkien world; my imagination always has me thinking of a European landscape and customs. Not eastern.

The book remined me of my childhood in Bendigo where we had the giant Sun Loong dragon which was made in China. It has triggered a bit of curiosity about Chinese Dragons and some of the legends about them. There is obviously a lot which we in the Western cultures don't know.


The Trilogy; It's good. I can imagine myself either reading or discussing element of it with my girls. Short chapters which are full of excitement, suspense and puzzles.

The thing that I liked most was the end, which was was left open; maybe there are still dragons out there....


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