Saturday, December 31, 2011


An interesting article in 'The Age' about Dr Ian Gawler, who runs a center in the Yarra Valley for people who suffer cancer and wish to beat it. It's basic premies is that Gawler didn't have secondaries, thus he can't make the claims which he does.

During my time with palliative care in Melbourne we often came across people who had come from Gawler's center. My only criticism would be (an this is a generalization) is that people are overly optimistic, so much so that they often in denial that there body is shutting down and even day or hours away from death.

But on the positive side, there are many. The most important is that he gives people hope. He does so through some basic holistic ideas; eating differently, centering the mind, your environment. Stuff that all people should look at and think about. Not just those with Cancer.

The idea that Gawler did or didn't have secondaries is a furfy. It dosn't matter; giving people hope is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone.

If you want a pin up for someone who beat cancer, read Lance Armstrongs book; amazing. 

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