Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 The year that was...

Moving to Philip Island when I look back was a pretty dramatic. I suppose I have that feeling because I feel so settled at the moment.

Jemima is about to start school. Jo is about to start kindergarten. Christina has settled into a life of study for a Masters of creative writing. My work is only 2 days per week, and I'm looking to study to supliment my nursing with a some sort of Drug and Alcohol qualification. I've also enjoyed the garden. As a patient of mine said of her garden 'It gives me pleasure'. I have to agree.

If anything Church life has been the most complicated. We have been going to the local Uniting Church, and while I enjoy the theology and the acceptence of all people. It is in Cowes a declining congregation. The local minister been reduced to part-time status and in likely hood probably leaving. We proably have two choices, really get involved and try to help in changing culture, get on boards etc etc, or move on. Moving on is
 the far easier choice....

So after a bit of thought and consultation with Christina it looks like we will head to Solace which caters well for us and the children; while not having a evangelical/pentecostal view of the world. We look to do this monthly. Also monthly Christian or myself will organise some sort of Spiritual activity for all of us as a family. The other times we plan to get involved in some sort of community group. There is a Phillip Island transition group which looks pretty good. They maintain a communiy garden and have a few other activitiies wihich look like something I'd like to be involved with. 

So some stuff Ive enjoyed in 2011::

Music :: Wild Swans by Elana Kats-Chernin (Jo thinks this is angels singing!)
Podcast:: Homebrewed Chrstianity, its about were I fit.

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