Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Re-zoning, Mily Cyrus and infrastructure....

Phillip island was surprisingly in the international news with Milly Cyrus tweeting her sadness at the liberal planning minister Mathew Guy pushing through re-zoning without community or council consultation. Some of the concerns that I noted from the community and council were that services were already stretched and that there are already multiple new housing estates in production.

It interests me that commercially business know that Phillip Island is a growing area. Dimmy's has opened a shop, Safeway is opening, Target is opening. Yet local, state and federal governments don't seem to see this.

Public infustruture is a real problem. Phillip island is growing faster than the rest of the region yet looses out consistantly to other towns get the projects.

Phillip Island has no public swiming pool: Wonthaggi has a pool and looks like getting a new heated one!
Phillip Island: medical services are horrid; no bulk billing clinics, no 24 hour medical service, no hospital: Wonthaggi has all of these.


Wonthaggi 6529 people in 2006
Phillip Island 7071 people in 2001

Yep something is wrong, and I think that it will bite the Liberal party on the bum. So watch out Ken Smith or who ever replaces you when you retire!

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