Wednesday, September 28, 2011

goodbye car, hello bakfiest!

  On  the weekend we received our new bike a dutch cargo bike, a ''. We have tripped about Cowes almost exclusivley in it and few things stand out
  1. Its a heavy beast, unlike normal bikes where you can just lift the front wheel, its impossible on a bakfiest. Its like a motorbike when you wheel it around.
  2. With this sort of weight I still havn't got the hang of taking off on an elevation going up, even with e-assist. Will need some practice.
  3. The bike is great on the flat or downhill but going uphill, it is really hard going; I'm glad we added the e-assist. Going on the flat with e-assist you fly along.
  4. Don't look at the front wheel and steer, this only puts you off; you need to look ahead.
Hopefully without the car we will be able to save a bit of money, get fitter, and lower our greenhouse footprint.

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