Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spiritual Home

A Spiritual home I think is something that sneaks up on you. You walk in and you feel that Ahhh, I can relax feeling. It fits a few spots. For me you can be who you are, specifically believe conscientiously without switching off your brain; a place with the grace to explore. We dropped in Solace on Sunday that was the experience for me. We did the labyrinth, it was a time to sit still and reflect. No hype, slogans; ahhh.

I've had that 'home' feeling only once before, my late teens, late eighties early nineties. The Vineyard presence was just beginning to make itself know in Bendigo through the renewal of a Charismatic Anglican Church. It felt like God was in it for me. It fitted a place for me socially and I didn't experience God. Yet I kept on looking for the same experience for the next 10-15 years of my life. Trying to manufacture that moment again and again. It became tiring after a while. At times hollow.

The photo is some cracks I took in the middle of the labyrinth at Solace. I couldn't help looking at them. They possessed a strange beauty. Fractured.

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