Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cargo Bikes, inital investigations

Christina and myself are exploring the option of a Dutch style cargo bike. So I thought I'd check out the local bike shop in Cowes.
Their first response was what is a Cargo Bike? I told them to look up google. After that they went on to tell me the reasons not to get a Cargo Bike. There are no seats for the Children... (rubbish) they are unstable... Towing a trailer is a better choice....(We already have one)
I was disappointing that they had such strong opinions considering that they had never heard of a Cargo bike prior to me walking in; let alone never ridden such a bike! I'm unsure how they could have formed such opinions without even given such a bike a go or at least read a review. All the reviews which I have read have been positive.

On reflection I wouldn't go to this shop for the obvious reasons. I wish people could just be honest and say I don't know anything about these bikes.

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