Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bikes and the Baillieu government

A distubing editorial in 'The Age' today regarding cylcing in Victoria

"...More than 11.5 million bicycles were sold in Australia over the past decade - 2 million more than cars. The Government, rather than having abandoned a moribund policy, should have found ways to improve it, making things safer and more desirable for cyclists."
I couldn't agree more. I also find it particularly disturbing that many environmental initiatives have either stopped or wound back with the Baillieu government. Cattle grazing in national parks, talking of opening up Wilson Promontory to development. Expanding Melbourne *cough* green corridor. 

Even though Ted Ballieu is mentioned in the media as a 'moderate' people who vote in the middle may not be thinking this is the case. I'd be a bit worried if I was him with a one seat majority.

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