Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Goodbyes fascinate me.
I know of many a time especially in nursing when I've looked a person in the eye, shaken their hand and said goodbye, knowing they are dying and probably won't be alive the next shift I work.
It seems inappropriate.  It should be how I've enjoyed there company, learnt from the them, laughed with them. But nursing is fleeting, never is the relationship other than professional, sterile.

Friends and associates you often enjoy their company, laugh with them and learn, even fight and argue. The bonds are different. The goodbyes are always tinged with the idea you will meet again.
Yet there are times when you depart their company without knowing you will never meet again. Times when only on reflection that you know that the gulf of distance, time ways of looking at the world have separated you without both of you ever mutually acknowledging this.
Which ever way, I feel the gaps which these people left.

Thank God who puts people into these gaps; which otherwise would be gaping holes in our lives gaping wounds from a gun shot....

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