Thursday, June 23, 2011

The missing torch bulb....

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A while ago in Church a young teenager wanted to get up and encourage others in the congregation about a miracle which had occurred recently in his life. 
He got up and proceed to tell the congregation how his maglite torch bulb had stopped functioning during the night. The globe had blown. He went to sleep with the torch under his pillow and low and behold when he woke in the morning found another bulb next to his pillow. He immediately replaced the bulb with the blown bulb and the torch was restored. A miracle!
The unfortunate thing about the story is that the maglite he showed everyone has a spare bulb built in. What can you say when everyone is in awe and wonder and definitely encouraged by a young teenager sharing his faith.

I couldn't help thinking how many other stories of 'faith' are out there, which are really about applause and adulation, yet lack credibility and honesty. Maybe miracles should be a private thing and shared only in the most intimate of moments. Then people like myself can't judge.
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Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

*Spare bulb built in* is what I assume you meant.

That is one tough situation :(

Scott said...