Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Forge 's impulse into the mainstream

An interesting comment on Mark Connor's blog which referred to Deb Hirsch speaking at his church City Life, got me pondering. City Life is the largest Church in Melbourne.

What I found interesting is the direction which Forge has moved. From the fringes when 10-15 years ago the mainstream was to be avoided. I can remember hearing Alan saying with my own ears that the main stream institutionalized church was DEAD! Yet now it seems the main stream is where Forge happily sits.

Those who I would say are on the fringe don't speak of Forge much if at all anymore. Strangely the only formal aspect of forge which is in QLD dosn't even mention that the Hirsches are in Australia. Their front page is somthing about a blues music outfit!

In the USA it seems Forge is going from strength to strength. It seems very upside down to me.

It seems to me that often in my life I have a 'Spiritual awakenings', Forge was one, the Vineyard another, yet they move or you move. Either way you could never go back to how things were.

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