Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Crystal Catherdral bankrupt

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I've been to this church in the very early '90's when I visited the states. It was a spectacular building and I liked Schuller Sr's message at the time.

From Christianity Today::

Crystal Cathedral Ministries, which owes about $7.5 million to unsecured creditors, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this morning, according to the Orange County Register.
Earlier this year, the megachurch founded by television evangelist Robert H. Schuller slashed several programs and laid off 50 employees to cut $4.9 million from its $20 million annual operating budget. The Register reports that Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman said the bankruptcy filing was a necessity because of lawsuits.
Its makes me wonder how many of these massive mega church structures are empty in the United States. Is this just the beginning?
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