Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Victorian Election 2010 :: Where do you live?

I've got to say this is a big one for me. I totally believe if a candidate is to represent you properly they need to live in the electorate. From the ABC::

An ABC survey has found Victorian Premier John Brumby and more than half of his Cabinet do not live in the electorates which they will be contesting on November 27.
Fourteen other Labor MPs also live outside their electorates - some of whom live on the opposite side of Melbourne to their seats.
About the Greens and the Coalition ::

All but two Coalition and all Green MPs live in their electorates.
How does the candidate know how public transport is running? What is the local driving conditions? The state of health care, could they get care quickly? Crime in the area?
They wouldn't it would be just told to them second hand.
I feel Labour is getting a bit complacent on this, it happened to us in the Federal Election in our electorate in Flinders as well...
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