Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fred Plummer on ABC Nights with John Cleary

Just finnished listening to Fred Plummer who is one of the leaders of the 'Progressive Christian' movement on Sunday nights live with John Cleary.

Two things that I pondered

::Every on who is interviewed with 'Progressive Christianity', Sure has plenty of experience pastorally, written and read widely. Yet I never hear any youngish perspectives on this.

::Prayer, I got the impression that Fred thought the idea of praying for God to intervene in human affairs as silly idea. This sort of prayer has certain problems, some healed others not.
Yet he was open to prayer as the 'Transferring of energy' as I could understand it "Reiki".
I can see his point yet ultimately I think both ideas are unquantifiable, yet the 'Reiki' idea does remove many of the problems. 

You can hear the interview here from the ABC

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