Sunday, October 17, 2010

Missional reflections

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Hamo over in West put up a blog post reflecting on his missional journey now and his thoughts for the future. It is an interesting read

Much of what he has written I can relate to yet, I've changed. I'm not as feverent for new 'converts'.
I suppose mainly it is about my theology. I am more convinced of the coming and living in the Kingdom of God. Not just the emphasis of 'Signs and Wonders' of the Vineyard which was a large part of my life.
I'd rather use the language of 'making disciples'. That working in the theology of the 'Here and Now' means listening and doing what Jesus would do. It can be pretty simple. Caring for God's earth, looking out for those less fortunate than you, a smile to a stranger. Conversing with someone who is avoided by others.  The Vineyard had an emphasis of about 90% on the 'signs and wonders' and a token acknowledgement by the rest. (This is not always the case, Tri Robison's Vineyard church put a huge emphasis on creation care
I've a good friends who I would call a follower of Jesus yet an atheist; an oxymoron. Yet through  him I see God's kingdom advancing. He works on refugee camps giving his time generously, he is environmentally conscientious. Strangely he believes Jesus exists and thinks he is the prime example of how Humans should live.
Yet their are things which Evangelical/fundamentalist  tradition doesn't get him over the line. Stuff which is is often (And rightly so) implied in the Bible. Jesus divinity, the atonement etc etc.
I don't care any more, so long as people are advancing the Kingdom. As NT Wright says the 'New earth' is getting closer. (Maybe wrong with this interpretation but that is how I read it.)
The other thing I like about a 'Kingdom' world view is 'mission' happens where we are. Incarnating where we are.

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