Sunday, October 17, 2010

Germany and multi-culturalism

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I found this statement very interesting from Mrs Merkel the Chancellor of Germany (From the BBC)::

"And of course, the approach [to build] a multicultural [society] and to live side-by-side and to enjoy each other... has failed, utterly failed."
In her speech, the chancellor specifically referred to recent comments by German President Christian Wulff who said that Islam was "part of Germany" like Christianity and Judaism.
  Mrs Merkel says Islam is part of Germany but more must be done on integration
While acknowledging that this was the case, Mrs Merkel stressed that immigrants living in Germany needed to do more to integrate, including learning to speak German.
"Anyone who does not immediately speak German", she said, "is not welcome".

Its interesting in light of Germany's history and the Nazis strong belief in eugenics.
Immigration in Australia is always touchy political subject. I'm sure if a few largish countries went down the track of limiting immigration it would put more pressure on Australia to do the same.
Personally I enjoy some of the fruits of multiculturalism, the variety of places to eat, doctors for example. What I'm not sure about is the environmental sustainability of large immigration. I'm also unsure if the explosion of house prices is more about immigration; than just normal inflation.
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