Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lionheart: A Journey of the Human Sprit by Jesse Martin

Lionheart - The Jesse Martin Story

I can remember the time that Jesse Martin went round the world solo in his boat 'Lionheart'. I wasn't really interested at the time.
Now living next to the ocean I'm interested in sailing boats. How man working with natures wind can travel.
I gave the book 4 our of 5 on goodreads. It was better than I expected. He's a guy that did his homework. Knew the hero's of sailing and had respect for them. It was gutsy, not for what he did, but for the loneliness in my opinion.

You can't help reading the book and think could I do it. Would I have tried at his age or something similar and if I could would I've? There is a bit of reflection for me in this book.
I'd like to the think I could have but really I'm not that passionate about anything. Now my brother was differn't he could have. He nearly did with his tennis.
Could I do it now. Yes if I was mad; you see I've got other to consider. You only really understand how selfish you are until you have a family. Then you start to give yourself away. What you have left would never be enough for a solo voyage.
Not that I'd want a solo voyage. I had a mate who went around the world by himself after studying year 12. When he got back he said to me he would never do the trip like that again, because he wanted to share the experience.
Yep I'd want to share it with Christina.

Some things which I would have liked to have know about Jesse on his trip. When he prayed, who was it to? He certainly did it enough in times of depression and crisis.
Is he still prone to the ups and downs as he was on his voyage?

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