Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get the Afghanistan out...

I think we should get our troops out. Enough is enough this war is primarily George Bushes' when he decided on the vengeance option after the twin towers of 9/11.
As a Christian I don't think the 'just war' theory adds up. Maybe in defence but not for offence.
Australia is just tagging along with what George Bush started.
If you look at the military deaths in Iraq they are 4744, in Afghanistan they are 2166. The casualties for the 9/11 are 2977. Something is not adding up here!
For me I'm convinced there would have been a better way. Vengeance has not worked.

Thus for me I'm disappointed that both major parties in Australia are for keeping the troops in Afghanistan. I'm also saddened that there are not so few Christian voices speaking up about pacifism as an option.
Not surprising the Greens are walking the line that Jesus would have taken...
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