Wednesday, October 20, 2010

desal disaster

Bit of action down our way with the 'desal' according to the ABC::

A small group of protesters parked a caravan across a road this morning, preventing construction workers from entering part of the site.
The protesters are calling on the Government to release the full cost of desalination project.
I've got to say I think there where better ways than the desal route which the government took.
Coming off tank water you forget and don't monitor your water the same way. I'm actually surprised at the difference in connection costs rather than actual consumption cost. If it was the other way around I'm sure you would find a difference in how people consumed water.
Also had a friend who has resigned from the 'desal' he said Victorians are in for a big suprise because everything is running behind time and their have been lots of resignations.

It will be interesting the 'Libs' policy on the desal as the election looms. Water policy will be an important issue.
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