Thursday, October 28, 2010

Desires dilemma

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The first hiccup with my Telstra Desire. Telstra have now released the android 2.2 update. Telstra has the option of of updating the device OTA 'Over the air', yet they haven't. Instead they have decided to update it via the HTC web site via HTC sync which only uses windows operating system. Tuff luck for the 10-15 % of people who use a Mac or other OS.
According to the comments on both Whirlpool and Android Australia the process has been an incredible stuff up. Not all windows machines are equal....
So what will I do? I think I'll wait. In the end Telstra will work out that its cheaper to send the update over the air than tying all their support staff up for days with complaints, and bricked machine which where following HTC's instructions. If Telstra don't do it OTA, I'll just root the phone and go t-mod, and the latest ginger bread google.

It is no wonder that Telstras share price continues to decline....
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