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One of the characters in the Bible which I struggle with the most is Paul. I've through a long process decided to elevate the 'Gospels' above Paul's writing. If the Gosples are a revelation of Jesus. I see Pauls writing as a reflection on the Gosples for the culture of his day. Sure there are God inspired insights which are God breathed.
Yet Paul claimed and was claimed as an apostle. No, I can't figure that. He was not like the other disciples who lived, breathed and where part of Jesus life. First account witnesses.
I often wonder if Paul's writing would have been different if he was a real life friend of Jesus. Would he have given answers which where more obtuse. Instead of a yes or no it would have been more of a story or parable? What if his relationships with women where documented, instead of writing of what women should wear on their heads? Where there any women who washed his feet with perfume? Or did he defend any women who where about to be stoned poor choices?
Maybe these are unfair questions. Yet I see Jesus as beyond his culture, where Paul was entrenched in his culture yet aspiring to be like Jesus.
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