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Victorian Election 2010 , Bass

I'm in the seat of Bass, I think the main issue is health. Considering it has the largest population in the electorate it is strange their is no adequate hospital or 24hr medial coverage.  It would be the largest town in the state without a proper medial coverage.
(Phillip Island has a polutaltion 7000,  in 2001, Wanthaggi has a hospital 6500 in 2001, Koorumbura a population 4500 has a hospital. In summer the population can be 50000 with all the tourists).
The only other issues is a swimming pool for kids to at least learn to swim and also a secondary college which is been talked about in Anderson.
Otherwise for me their is no other aspects that are a strong concern.

I suspect that the labour party has conceded the seat already so wont be making any promises in the area. Yet Metropolitan creep is occurring in Pakenham which might alter the results.

Here are some of my thoughts on the candidates and some information from the ABC's website::

:: Liberals Ken Smith

Aged 65, Smith worked for two decades as a self-employed plumbing contractor, and later served as Executive Officer of the Master Plumbers Association. Smith also served on Hastings Shire Council 1982-88. He was elected MLC for South Eastern province in 1988, and re-elected in 1996. At the 2002 election, he chose to contest the lower house seat of Bass, winning the seat for the Liberal Party from former Independent MP Susan Davies. A former Government then Opposition whip in the Legislative Council, Smith served on the Liberal Party frontbench from 2002 to 2008, but was not included on the formation of a new Coalition Shadow Ministry.

Some thoughts::

Ken appears to be a hard worker. His sign-age is all over the place. He is often advising to be meet down the main street or other important community gathering. Has replyed to my letters regarding the health care on the island, and appears to realise this is a real community concern.
Have meet him at Churchill island when he set up his tent. But he seemed to be talking more to tourists concerned about not allowing their dogs off the lead when at the beach. (So what I'm sick of avoiding dog shit all over the beach, keep them well and truly on the lead I say)
Aged 65, I'd be thinking about my trip around Australia rather than my whining electorate.

Also interesting Smith put up a private members bill on Euthanasia.

n 2008 Smith put forward a Private Member's Bill that would allow euthanasia in Victoria. The bill was similar to the Dying With Dignity Act in Oregon in the United States, and generated considerable controversy. The bill was defeated in the Victorian Legislative Council. [1]
I would have expected this legislation from the Greens!

Greens :: Neil Rankin
Rankine has lived in Wonthaggi for 25 years and has spent much of his career in science education and running a small engineering firm. These days he is a stay at home parent while his wife works as a local GP.
Some thoughts::

Has been at a few things around the traps. The aboriginal flag raising for one, which I was at. Signs have been around. Seems to be putting in a good effort.

Labor :: Gerry Longergan

Lonergan was born and bred in Korumburra and first joined the Labor Party in 1996 to support a colleague. He is a retired teacher, lives in Inverloch, and has been President of the Labor Party's Wonthaggi-Bass branch for ten years. This is his first election.

Haven't seen him or his sign-age. At least we have a local as opposed to the candidate from the Federal election.
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