Thursday, August 19, 2010

Institutional Church and the Vineyard

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Cutting edge had an interesting and positive article in their cutting edge summer 2010, on the institution of the 'Church'

Alan Hirsch wrote on his facebook "I am somewhat taken aback by this coming as it does from within the Vineyard *movement*. It sounds more like a Catholic or Anglo-Catholic take on ecclesiology."

I've read what Bert Wagner wrote and I'm a bit uncomfortable about his take on institutions. For example 'marriage' been an institution. I actually like the Catholic idea of it been a 'sacrament', a mode of God's grace.

Never the less, the Vineyard in the States is a denomination. (I'm not sure that the Australian Vineyard has the structure to say this). I'm comfortable about the 'institution' language and believe that God can work though this with it's stability and accountability; you just need some rebels around the edges.
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