Thursday, August 19, 2010

Election 2010:: Broadband policy

Steven Conroy and Tony Smith both debated the broadband policy yesterday. The Transcript can be seen on the ABC.

After reading it all I can write is that I feel sorry for Tony Smith. He's trying to sell a lemon why Conroy has got the juicy juicy mango. Obviously the only thing Smith can say is that it is cheaper.

I got my hands on the Coalitions broadband policy (Thanks to Greg Hunt who got back me, three cheers!) 
My main concern is that I don't actually know how this Coalition policy will affect me.
While in the Labours policy Bass has already been identified and will be one of the first to get in Victoria to get the NBN.

I'm actually not all that concerned by the money. Sometimes I believe the government needs to invest where the private sector wont. I also believe that the government when it get around to selling it will make a handsome profit.

The other thing is that I actually believe that it will benefit Australia having this infrastructure.
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