Thursday, August 12, 2010

Election 2010:: An email to Mr Hunt

I sent off an email to Mr Greg Hunt our sitting member for Flinders. Its pretty self explanatory::

Hey Greg,

I don't know if you have read this but this, came from the "Bass Coast", "Coastal winter/spring" from our Council. Page 10.

There has been much talk lately about the Federal Governments National Broadband Network rollout.
Bass Coast was identified as one of six locations Australia wide to receive the first installation of fibre-optic cable under the Regional Backbone Blackspots Program.
A company called Nextgen won the national tender and in conjunction with Visonstream plan to lay the cable in the South-West Gippsland section in the second half of 2010. Most of the cable will be attached to the existing power pole infrastructure.
Cable is currently being laid by a different company along the desalination pipeline route. When joined with the Nextgen cable, this will create a loop throughout south-west Gippsland
A host of other companies called third-party providers, mainly internet service providers (ISPs) and telcos, will sign up individual residential and commercial customers....

Just wondering will these plans be scrapped with the a Coalition government?
Sorry to be a pain on this but I couldn't actually understand how with the Coalitions Communications policy release how it would affect us in Cowes.

All the best


I'm struggling to believe that the Coalitions Broadband policy is going to work in the country. The main reason is because I really don't see telco's investing in fixed line in the country. Telstra is not making money from it and I doubt they will want to invest in this area. 
The other reason is I dont think the Coalition have explained how in the country area's it will be bring us up to par with our city counter parts. Price, speed and data limits for any population greater than 5000 people in the regionals  should be competitive as it is in the City. (I just want to be on an equal par with our City counterparts. I don't care about who's policy is the fastest etc etc)
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