Friday, August 13, 2010


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The Age Green Guide had a great review on smart phones this Thursday (August 12th p22), by Adam Turner. He summed up beautifully why I don't want to go down the Apple route ::

Apple has a long history of treating iPhone application developers with disdain and iPhone owners with contempt. iPhone  applications mysteriously disappear from the online app store when they clash with Apple's business model or with those of Apple's business partners....
Apple head honcho Steve Jobs is famed for his arrogance when dealing with customer complaints. When details first emerged of the iPhone 4's reception issues Job's flippant response was "don't hold it that way". He eventually conceded the reception problem was a serious issue and Apple now offers a few case to iPhone 4 owners, which alleviates the problem.

And why I prefer Android::

Android's flexibility is its strength. Such flexibility lets phone makers build a variety of devices to meet different needs, while it also lets users run applications they want and customise the phone as they see fit. It's a stark contrast to Apple's one-size-fits approach. Now Android is reaching a critical mass, Apple's heavy-handed approach to dealing with developers and customers could work in Android's favour.
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