Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Election 2010:: Christian responces

Two interesting Christian responces to the Election. 
' labelled the Greens "anti-Christian" and "sweet-camouflaged poison". Cardinal Pell also claimed the Greens policies are expensive and will not help poor people.'
It is strange that the Pell actually gave an opinion usually mainstream churches are neutral.  If they do have an opinion it is usually to do with social justice or morality. Pell is commenting more on funding of policy than the policy itself.

'...our approach as a church at CityLife is to be politically neutral, in that we don't tell people who or what party to vote for. We encourage prayerful and diligent research, so that followers of Christ make intelligent use of their privilege as an Australian citizen to vote for those who will govern us. So, never have I said and never will say, "Vote for Julia Gillard" ... or anyone else for that matter.

I think Mark has hit upon the Christian position. It's a shame about Pell, he has in his writing decreased the standing of the Catholic Church.

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