Saturday, August 7, 2010

same sex marraige

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Interesting ruling in the US state of Califorina  as posted from the ABC::

Judge Vaughn Walker in San Francisco has ruled that banning gays and lesbians from tying the knot is discriminatory and violates the US constitution.
Only five states and Washington DC currently allow same-sex marriage.
One of the plaintiffs, Jeff Zarrillo, says the United States is supposed to be about equality.
"Well this decision today brings Paul and I and so many others like us closer to that equality too," he said.
I can see Australia going down this path. I'm not really that hassled really. 'Civil Union' and a 'Defacto' relationship has almost the same legal implications as marriage except marriage is for a 'man' and woman'. So really it is just about definition and language. Maybe some implaction down the track are:
:: Marriage is only a 'Christian' or some other religion which becomes more and more irrelevant to the rest of western culture.
::Unknowingly the Culture uses the language of 'marriage' for 'Civil Union' making the older definition of 'man and woman' marriage irrelevant.
:: Western culture including Australia priorities legal issues around equality and anti-discrimination as such, I see marriage between same sex partners as inevitable and probably within my lifetime.

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