Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Election 2010 :: Abbott out of puff?

Has Tony Abbot run our of puff? Personally there have been quite a few negatives for the Coalition this week.

The first was the actual Coalitions 'Election launch'. The whole thing seemed to be going back to the 'Good old days' with John Howard given a huge prominence. There seemed to be no vision, no really policy that was innovative.

The second was the communications launch. This one I was really holding my breath on. What I judge this one on is the Crappy service we get on Phillip Island.

Mobile broadband = Crap, as soon as the weekend comes or public holidays the speed goes to a crawl
Fixed line = Telstra. Telstra has the monopoly, no choice. Telstra gets my money for line rental no matter what.

As far as I could understand this is not going to change under the Coalition. That even if it does they have done a poor job explaining it to me how it will.

While the Labor party their is hope with the National broad band. The important thing is I can understand how it will happen.
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