Friday, July 23, 2010

election 2010:: Things that matter

Living in Phillip Island their are certain things which I belive the are important and should be addressed by the political powers that be.

Greg Hunt sitting liberal member is off and running. He has sent through some stuff in the mail
Adrian Schonfelder for Labour, heard nothing
Robert Brown for the Greens, heard nothing

Here is my selfish list for the election

Health:: Phillip Island. A population that fluctuate between 7-60k people. It needs some sort of 24hr medical emergency centre. Good health care for all.
Telecomunication:: Only one way to get fixed broad band, Telstra. This is not good enough.
Education:: Closest public secondary school is Wonthagi rumours of somthing at Anderson.
Environment:: As a person who is interested in getting Solar it will be interesting what the policys will be. It ranks pretty highly for me. Protecting our environment for generations to come. I also believe that Australian reliance on foreign domestic oil should be curbed for of a more green alternative.
Roads:: The Car ferry is a big issue here. I don't think the majority object to the idea. Just the current location it is planned for.
Foreign affairs :: Need to get out of Afghanistan.
Good financial management:: enough said, keep interest rates low, I've got a mortgage.

Closer to the election I'll see how the candidates line up with me election wish list.

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