Friday, July 23, 2010

Election 2010 :: Labours Enviromental policy

Rumours today of Labours environmental policy,  as reported by the ABC

A re-elected Labor government would ask a new "citizens' assembly" for climate change advice, under a key part of the ALP's new climate change policy set to be launched by Prime Minister Julia Gillard today.
I cannot but agree with Mr Greg Hunt our local man at Flinders who said

 Julia Gillard's proposed "citizens assembly" will fail to produce action.
The problem I see with it is that their is no actual leadership in a citizens assembly. I would rather vote for an environmental plan than somthing that 'might' happen. It's just to wishy washy for me.

The only person talking any sence in Malcolm Turnbull

"The Coalition's policy is not the ideal from my point of view I grant you that, I'd like to see a market-based solution, but I'll tell you this, it does have the potential to meet the emissions reductions targets by 2020," he said.
"The real question is the policy. Everyone knows where I stand, I've stuck to my principles on it. But the fact is, we have got a policy, Labor has nothing."

I think he is right. Labor has nothing!

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