Friday, June 18, 2010

Watch out for "Green" companies (Nature Organics)

Shampooing up the other day I noticed the "Nature Organics" two in one shampoo had the ingredients of glycol stearate (from palm oil).

From the web site

Palm oil is found in 1 in 10 supermarket products including shampoos, baking oil, chocolate, cosmetics, chips, cookies, margarine and soaps. It has recently been deemed a potential saviour as a renewable resource for use as a biofuel.
Unfortunately, not only does palm oil promote heart disease, but the vast plantations that grow oil palm trees have contributed to the destruction of the rainforest of South east Asia and threaten the survival of animals such as the Orangutan in Borneo, the Sumatran tiger, and Asian rhinoceros. Additionally, burning after deforestation accounts for significant greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Learn about the issues and sign the petition for compulsory labeling at Melbourne Zoos "Don't Palm Us Off" campaign website.
  • Check the ingredients - if there is palm oil, avoid it, send a letter to the manufacturer telling them of your action. (note, it may be labeled as simply “vegetable oil”).
  • See the 'Helping you buy responsibly' section on the BOS Australia website at for a list of manufacturers who are committed to avoiding the use of palm oil.
  • See also and

Shame on you "Nature Organics" for sprucing as a "natural company" looking after the environment.