Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Somehow I found myself listening to Triple M yesterday in the car. The announcer said that every U2 album was great except POP. I nearly crashed! POP is my favourite U2 album.
I went off U2 after POP. It seemed they had lost something, it was if they had made it to the creative top of their game and where going to back to tried and true formulas after this. Formulas which are good but didn't challenge me in moving onwards in music.

I think the same could be said with a lot of band who reach their climax of there creative peak. The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's. The Cure's Disintergration.
Some bands are still pushing it to the limits Radio Head is a classic. Every time I listen there is something new musically for me.
Strangely I don't see it as much with individual artists. There is something about a group that works together on a project