Thursday, June 17, 2010

Australian Politics

I havn't given much commentary on politics for a while, yet much has happened.

The most interesting is the dramatic drop in support for the government in the polls. Which it appears is related to Mr Rudd's performance.

It would appear to me that a few things have hit Rudd hard

-Pink bats,
-Back tracking with ausilum seekers policy.

I think the government when the election starts will start to ramp up his positive

-getting through the 'Global financal crisis'
-negotiating with a single funding for health with the states (Except WA)
-The new broadband looking like a viable competition to Telstra

While I think Mr Abbott is still Mr Negative, he seems to be a bit more conciliatory?
I've got to say I was pretty impressed with his ultra triathlon stuff.

The Greens look like the biggest winner in the poles.
Overall if this translated to votes it would be a good thing. For two reasons, A third party 'Keeps the barsteds honest', I'm all for a more 'Greener' Australia.