Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flinders Community News

Greg Hunt our Federal member for Flinders, Shadow Minister for Climate change action, environment and heritage has sent us his 'Flinders Community News'.

What interested me was what he is up to on Phillip Island and he is

"Fighting hard to...."

Secure a community learning and childern's hub for Cowes and Phillip Island
Stop Cowes beach being sacrificed for a new car ferry terminal
Reopen Warley Hospital on Phillip Island as part of a regional hospital system
Secure an Aquatic Centre for Phillip Island
Get reticulated natural gas for Bass Coast and Phillip Island
Ensure the State Government supports a 24hr Police Station at Phillip Island
Support plans for a San Remo Junior Secondary College

Now what interest me with this list is the Warley Hospita,l Aquatic Center, Secondary College, and Police Station. All State government responsibility!

The other thing is 'Fight for....' Why isn't 'opposition policy when we get in power?'