Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food Inc

The 'Crikey blogs', did a bit of a blurb on the movie 'Food Inc'. A look at the horror which is the American food industry. The Crikey blog looked at some of the Australian equivilents::

When we consider Australian circumstances such as the huge proportion of chicken meat sourced from intensive chicken factories, the duopoly controlling approximately 75% of the food retail sector and the pervasive influence of food industry interests in state and commonwealth food regulation committees, the answer is ‘very relevant’.
There is a common lesson. Control of the food system by large corporations supported by government policies driven by an ideology of deregulation and the pursuit of unfettered growth, has resulted in a food system that is a commercial success, but a public health, social and environmental failure.

I became convinced about this stuff a couple of months ago when listening to a talk by 'Nick' from '' . Both Christina and myself are starting to go down a more consciencious food sourcing and eating regime. Latter, probably in the new house I will share....