Thursday, April 8, 2010

The heart of Christianity, Marcus Borg

The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith

The heart of Christianity, Marcus Borg,

Some times you will read a Christian book and it just fits with what you need to read. This was one such book for me. One aspect that I wanted to get a bit better grip on was 'liberal' Christinaity, or as Borg would put it 'progressive'. I have for a short while trying to read Bultman and Tilich. But I found them  hard going, to the extent I would just get bogged down in the first couple of pages and just give up. So for the first time I was able to understand what was meant by 'metaphorical' and 'Sacrament'.

For me the book gave important glimps into
: The idea of metaphorical and sacrement
: pluralism of religions
: panthiesm in Christinity
: The different meanings of 'Faith', not necessarily a literal interpretation.
: Salvation and Sin
: The Kingdom of God, mainly in regards to a political social justice and equality.

It is interesting that Borg attends the American equivalent of an Anglican Church. I can now understand how there is such a great divide between the Anglican communion.
I also think that this writing is valuable. Especially for people who come from a evangelical or fundemental background and find a litural understanding as unbelievable. That they find there only option; to throw in Christiantiy all together. This book is truely a way forwards for these people.

I'm looking forward to the getting my hands on his co-authored book with NT Wright, 'The meaning of Jesus'. It will I hope contrast and bring more clarity to evangelical and liberal theology.