Monday, February 8, 2010

Iphone good bye

 Apple iPod touch 8 GB (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL
Christina had disaster hit her hard last week. She lost her Iphone! Unfortunately we had the month before canceled our insurance. 
We decided that the cheapest way out for us would be to get a new SIM card and buy a pre-paid. Cost $49. A lot cheaper than the insurance.
We worked out that Christina would have my Iphone, as she uses the diary pretty extensively for work. I would have the pre-paid Nokia. 
In some ways I looked at the demontion of a 'smart' phone as a bit of a positive challenge. I found that I was a bit to connected. The ability to 'just check', twitter, facebook, the weather, etc etc instantly has taken a bit of life away. The other reason is that I'm no Apple fan. 
I own an Imac and in some ways even though the majority of times it does 'just work', there is an Apple vortex that is associatied with it. You are tied in with Itunes, one of Apples many cash cowes. There is also a type of persona which Apple like to project in there marketing that you are 'Cool'. No thanks.

So I wiped the hard drive of my Imac and put on Ubuntu! Initially I thought I was stuffed when I got intermittent booting and discovered that it was dependend on whether there was the Virgin USB modem plugged in or not. I think it looks pretty good an Imac booting up Ubuntu. 
I think there will be a few good things for me not stuck in the apple claws. I should get a bit more life out of my hardware. As well as getting stuck in the Apple upgrade envy.