Monday, February 8, 2010

Jason Clark's summary of Caleb Maskell on the Vineyard...

Jason Clark over in the UK has summarised reflections on a talk by Caleb Maskell, on the Vineyard movement

1. Transition: The vineyard is in transition, moving from a ‘renewal movement’ to a ‘church movement.  A movement that renewed the church at large, but that now needs to become a movement of disciple making, and this transition has been and is still, a painful one.
2.  Pruning: Caleb drew on some bible passages much used by the Vineyard itself (e.g Isaiah 61), to frame this process as part of season, and the wintering of the Vineyard and a time of pruning that has been taking place, for the necessity and before the possibility of new growth.  Things that used to work don’t any more, and many of us in vineyard might be asking if we are a branch that has been cut off.
3.  Choice: As a movement we can pursue more extreme forms of renewal and revival, for our orientation, but need to bear in mind the revivals our movement prophesied that didn’t happen, and perhaps instead explore the move to be a ‘church movement’
I'd encourage you to check out the rest of the conversation over at Jason's blog and make a contribution.

I think the most interesting reflection which I haven't heard of before is the 'church renewal movement' to a 'Church movement'. This makes a lot of sense to me.