Monday, February 1, 2010

House building

Most friends, and collages know that we are building a home. I thought out of interest I'd share our initial experiences....

Once we decided that we were going to build the biggest decisions where what house and what builder. There were three local companies which we looked at. Here are our experience...

Coldon Homes:: liked the plans allthough not all that many. Pretty cheep fittings even for the display homes. Never made any real effort in following us up. Never even acknowledged emails!

Beach house constructions:: Great plans. The nicesest fittings inside. Dissapointingly never followed us up. Acknowledged emails. But never answered any questions asked in the emails!

Langford Jones:: A lot of houses to choose from, Fittings were pretty good. A lot of emails and good follow up.

As you can imagine, the company which wanted to engage with us got the deal. I'm supprised when you have got over $200,000 to spend you still have to make most of the effort with some of these companies.

The other big point is there is a huge difference between 'As Displayed' and the list price.

We did flirt for a while with a big builder from Melbourne. But they are soul less, just looking like the suburbs. Building near the beach we wanted to keep with the theme.

As you might be able to see from the above photo our building has commenced. An electrical box is now in place. The block has been set out for the building.