Monday, February 1, 2010

Roast Log, Behmor 1600, 1st Feb 2010

Behmor Home Coffee Roaster + 8 pounds coffee + free shipping

Bean:: coffee snob, "Peru Ceja de Selva Estate"
Weight: 300gm
Weight roasted:: 260gm
Weight on Behmor::1/2
Ambient temp :: 19.8c
Profile :: P2 "c"
Time :: 1400
First Crack::2.28s
Rolling Crack:: 2.07s
Second crack 1.30s
Cool down:: 1.30s
Grading, sweet maria:: 9-10 City to City+
Notes:: Based this off the latest decaf wow" and compensated because it wasn't decaf." I got the 1C in that 2nd profile.
Suprised that the roast wasnt darker. That maybe due to the heat been lowered in the second profile. A lot of chaff with this one. Looks good!