Monday, February 1, 2010

Still a bit of life...

Got my first email from the reminents of Forge up in QLD. Looks pretty hopefull, They have started a forum to share some missional stories around Australia.

Welcome to the new Forge online forum, 'The Crucible'.

The name 'Crucible' was chosen because of its obvious connection to 'Forge' and also because one of its meanings is "a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development". This seems to fit pretty well with what this forum is all about.

With Forge Australia scaling back its operations in this country for the forseable future, the need has arisen for some type of continued grass-roots connection amongst those who still strongly identify with the Forge 'tribe' in Australia.

Over the past 12 years, Forge has been faithfully sowing seeds bearing 'missional DNA' throughout our land - in the hearts of people just like you. As the 'missional journey' continues to unfold ahead of us, the task of nurturing and growing this seed now appears to be moving away from the organisation and out towards the people - the 'tribe'. Perhaps this is the way it's meant to be for a time.

So...Have you secretly hoped for an invitation to tell your story to an audience of radical, creative, slightly crazy Jesus following 'Forgeites'? This is it! Are you feeling needed yet? I hope so. This forum aims to provide a meeting place, albeit online, where your past and present Forge friendships, connections and networks can not only be maintained, but strengthened and deepened, through the stuff we all do naturally - relationships and conversation.

Use this forum to:

- tell your story
- listen to, learn from and comment on someone elses story
- encourage one another
- pray for each other
- engage in stimulating conversation
- pick up some top quality teaching
- share resources
- post links to a cool blog or social networking site page (yeah, start with your own)
- keep friendships going and build new ones
- develop that sense of belonging, of 'tribe', that connects you to like-minded people and helps keep you going
- help keep the Forge fires burning in OZ