Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vinyard at the crossroads

jason coker's blog - pastoralia - had some great dissucion regarding the direction of the Vineyard Church

did tony jones kill the vineyard?

vineyard churches at the crossroads

12th January there was a meeting with Vinyeard leaders who are leading non-traditional missional Vineyard Churches.

Included in the discussion were

  • Bill Farris – Orange County, CA
  • Pete & Gail Mosgofian – Arcata, CA
  • Mike McCoy – Concord, CA
  • Jason & Jenell Coker – North County San Diego, CA
  • Eric Brown – Huntington Beach, CA
  • David Ruis – Hollywood, CA

Hat tip to Steve, from Verve and verse for putting me onto this.

(see if you can see my contribution...)


Jason Coker said...

Thanks for the link! Steve's a frequent contributor. I hope you'll add your thoughts more often too.

Scott said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks for checking out the my link! Yes its good to see what is happening over the pacific in the Vineyard, I'll have to put you in the RSS feed!