Saturday, January 16, 2010

Roast log, Behmor 1600, 16th Jan, 2010

Bean:: coffee snob, "Decaf Wow"
Weight: 110gm
Weight roasted:: 95gm
Ambient temp :: 17.5C
Profile :: P1
Time :: 830 -60s
First Crack:: 1.30
Rolling Crack:: 1.05
Cool down:: 17sec
Grading, sweet maria:: 14-15/16, full roast to fully carbonized.

Spewing didn't hit the P2 profile. I had already reduced the time... I suspect second crack had gone into first crack. Whole roast close to charcol. This one is a learing experience! It's not going to be drunk.


Cat said...

its like you are talking a completly different i do not understand! but i think you're having fun?!

Scott said...

Ahh but the taste buds will! When you get to Phillip Island you can taste the delights....