Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jesus is my Hot Rod

Last weekend saw a tidal wave of Hot Rods in Cowes. They were all lined up along the Esplanade with there owners having a proud twinkle in there eyes.
I don't particularly like cars. They are more of a necessity than anything else. So I tried to imagine why you would be so enthusiastic about a car.
Power :: How much horse power.
Speed:: Over a quarter of a mile?
Asthetics:: Beauty, color, style
Head turner:: The ability of these attributes to turn someone like me to have a look!
All of these produce a passion with there owners.

I wondered what attributes that a male would like about God?

For me there are aesthetics, in nature,
There is power,
There is the quest to search and understand God, through a number of thing (the nature of evil, the beauty in restoration etc)

As in my previous post I want to write about the great commandment that Jesus gave in Mathew 22. The message also uses the word 'intellegence' as well as 'passion.' Important verbs to describe 'love'.
Jesus said, "'Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.
I think the Hot Rod owners by intuition have an understanding to 'love', holistically with their cars more so than we do with our understanding of Jesus.
Christian worship I would say has polarized our view of God, 'Jesus is my boy friend', has narrowed our understanding of the attributes of God to the Eros. The prominence of Eros has meant that, just as a teenage lover. We disengage our brain. We feel for the moment.
In my own denomination the Vineyard. 'Intimacy' is often equated with the first commandment. That 'presence' has been equated with the 'Eros' of intimacy. To the exclusion of the other meaning of love.
It is no wonder, that males are the minority within Church today....
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